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Nick Odhiambo Leaves Classic 105 For Hot 96 –

Nick Odhiambo is also a voice over artist, actor

Nick Odhiambo has left classic 105 after ten and a half years. Nick was a radio presenter and voice-over-artist who has been hosting the drive show known as #LarryNickAndFriends show alongside Larry Asego had his last show end of April.

Larry, his co-host, shared a photo revealing his exit with a caption: “Wishing my brother all the best as he takes the next set of challenges. Uko tu sawaaaa Take care of him when he gets there.”

During an interview with Plive, on Thursday, Nick hinted on moving to Hot 96 citing that the pay might be much better. Rumour had it that he might be moving to Radio Maisha after Jalang’o’s move to Hot 96.

“Yeah. Kuna hata lunch huko na samaki,” said the Odhiambo after he was asked why he’s moving to Hot 96. “So that’s it men… I will get back to you; am getting into a friend’s office, I will call you.”

During his time at Radio Africa, Nick Odhiambo clinched major voice over artist gigs for products like Bamba TV, XYZ show, and the list goes on and on. He has also made appearances on Auntie Boss.

The rumours are yet to be confirmed.

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