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Kenyans Unmask KURA Queen of Graft

This past weekend, focus shifted to the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) where a section of social media users blew the lid over a litany of scandals at the state corporation.

From unscrupulousness in the procurement department to rampant corruption and nepotism, netizens took turns in exposing KURA’s dirty secrets to the public.

During the Sunday afternoon conversation, one of the innumerable allegations that stood out was the shocking revelation of the growing vice of sex for favours within the organization.

In the series of Twitter posts published under the hashtag #KinotiMistressUnmasked, KURA’s Director-General Engineer Silas Kinoti is accused of practising Quid pro quo deals with one of the corporation’s employees, Judy Mose.

Judy, a junior clerical officer, is said to be Kinoti’s long-time mistress and has been enjoying numerous intimate favours from the KURA boss to the frustration of other workers within the organization.

Judy’s iron horns at KURA know no limits.

In some of the posts seen by the Kenyan Metro, she is said to have been recently involved in a heated altercation with an unnamed senior engineer at KURA over a parking spot for her brand new Toyota Fortuner KCZ 117Y, which sources from the organization say she keeps boasting of how she acquired on a cash basis.

After the engineer stood his ground and refused to bow down to Judy’s arrogant orders, she quickly headed for the Director General’s office and pushed for Mr Kinoti to prefer disciplinary action against the employee.

As a result, engineers at KURA have now ganged up and are eagerly awaiting the disciplinary process after which they intend to launch a mega go-slow, which will likely expose the agency’s dark procurement and financial crimes.

Perhaps an explanation for her pride and a false sense of entitlement, more posts from the hashtag #KinotiMistressUnmasked delivered yet another shocking revelation that Ms Judy Mose is reportedly the younger sister to Reuben Mayienda, KURA’s Director for Corporate Services who also doubles as the agency’s Head of Finance.

Apart from the bells of nepotism ringing loud at KURA, the word on the street is that the academic papers Ms Judy used to secure employment are not authentic and that it was her brother Mr Reuben Mayienda who helped her secure employment.

To prevent any chance of blowing cover, even Judy’s national ID was changed to reflect her fake name because her family name is Mayienda yet she has registered her Safaricom mobile number as Judy Mose.

The Director-General Mr Kinoti is also said to be aware of this fact.

Judy is alleged to have used the same fake academic papers to enrol for a degree programme at the University of Nairobi but she took off after a confidant informed her that the varsity had discovered her documents were illegitimate.

Thanks to leaking walls, it has now reportedly become common knowledge within KURA that Ms Judy Mose’s was illegally hired and unknown to her, some of the staff members have already confided in the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) in search of action.

In fact, as a result of Judy’s mischief, KURA has reportedly also attracted the attention of the Financial Reporting Center (FRC) which is currently conducting a forensic audit that has thus far exposed several financial irregularities within the agency.

From FRC’s investigations, it has also become apparent that one of Judy’s companies with multiple accounts across the country received suspicious deposits from her employer KURA.

The report shows that one company with a sole director and registered on June 21, 2020, received KShs. 3.4 million from KURA.

In a clear case of Judy’s power and might at KURA, the FRC also reports that a company with two directors was incorporated on April 16, 2019, and an account number opened on July 6 2019 at a bank in Mandera.

The FRC dossier says that on February 20 2020, the Mandera bank account started receiving funds from the county government.

On November 19 2020, for instance, the account received four cheques totalling Sh7.6 million.

Three withdrawals of Sh980,500, KShs 945,000, and Sh 950,000 were made immediately after the funds were paid.

The report says that the account holder would later transfer KShs3million to her account.

Judy is said to enjoy an elaborate network at KURA through which she even lodges fake per diem claims using phoney names.

Despite massive staff complaints about these irregularities, back in 2018, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

In fact, to the contrary, she was irregularly promoted.

Word has it that her impunity levels are so bold that she was overheard affirming that she even earns additional salaries on fictitious names that she routinely forwards to Chinese roads contractors who win KURA tenders.

As though that is not enough, despite being a junior officer, she bulldozed her way into being illegally allocated a double cab Toyota designated for senior engineers within the agency, which was withdrawn later due to staff grumbling and media reports.

But in return, she bragged that she will soon drive a car in the range of the DG’s and true to her word, she recently bought a Toyota Fortuner from a showroom along Mombasa Road.

Most recently, drama ensued at their Barabara Plaza Headquarters after an enraged Judy stormed into the Director General’s office to protest missing out on a lucrative roads tender which Mr Kinoti had assured her of clinching.

The tender in question was floated in late 2020 under the code [KURA/RMLF/CE/056/2020-2021] for the Periodic Maintenance of [Lot 7 Road Nanyuki / Sweet Waters Road / Ngoro / Theru / and Nanyuki Road in Nanyuki Municipality.

The deal was worth over Sh 14.2 million and to Judy’s disappointment, the tender was awarded to a contractor by the name Kaboi Building Contractors Ltd on October 12, 2020.

On that material day, the fiery clerk was overhead swearing out loud that she would teach a certain Engineer Mwangi a lesson for making her miss out on the profitable tender.

Mr Mwangi is the Acting Director, Urban Roads Planning and Design at KURA and has reportedly grown tired of Judy’s never-ending shenanigans and taken it upon himself to restore sanity at the organization by ensuring
public procurement laws are followed.

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