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Jayesh Saini: Man who sold Kemsa expired drugs is now after the Nation Media Group

The company that imported the Russian Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine has sued Nation Media Group seeking Sh4.8 billion for loss of business.

The company wants the court to order NMG to pay them court filing fees and a permanent injunction restraining them from further publishing words that are defamatory to the firm.

Dinlas Pharma EPZ Limited claims that it has suffered losses of $45 million (Sh4.8 billion), following ‘COVID Millionaires’ publication in a local daily owned by NMG.

Dinlas says as a consequence of the printing and publication, its business reputation has been seriously damaged and brought into a public scandal.

Through lawyer Donald Kipkorir, the company issued a cease and demand notice dated April 7 to NMG and the team but they have refused and neglected to respond.

“We are apprehensive that unless injucted, the defendants shall and threaten to continue publication of same or similar defamatory words,” it says.

Dinlas entered into a contract to import the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia via Dubai. The importation was to be in two batches of 75,000 and 1 million doses.

The company further entered into a distribution agreement with Harleys Limited, a pharmaceutical distributor within Kenya.

“We applied for and received all approvals for the said importation,” it says.

According to court documents, the publication on April 2 portrayed Dinlas as a corrupt company intending to defraud the public.

Dinlas say the words alluded to corrupt supplies to Kemsa, being investigated by Parliament and that it imported Sputnik V without WHO approvals.

Dinlas was the firm that had imported Russian Vaccine Sputnik-V and curiously it was Nation that revealed the story of the firm using unparalleled channels to import the vaccine into the country.

Dinlas is linked to Jayesh Saini who’s the proprietor of Nairobi West Hospital.

Jayesh is a man of means and the guru in the lucrative health insurance sector where, using proxies has registered dozens of firms to tender into the health providence industry. He is even said to be able to broker for competitors in ministries, counties and parastatals his firms blacklisted at a kickback. A shrewd operative and sweet talker with few words straight to the point, Jayesh pays his bribes to senior government officials and those in the county using dollars running into millions.

At one time, Jayesh Saini was accused by an Asian man of breaking his family.
According to the bitter small-time businessman based in Nairobi’s Westlands, Jayesh has been using
his ill-gotten wealth to date his wife currently working as a senior manager in an Asian-owned bank where Jayesh transacts his companies’ bank accounts running to billions. The married woman with two kids had allegedly fallen into Jayesh’s fortunes and she is even flown to working duties abroad by bank directors at Jayesh influence for sex exploits.

Jayesh was linked by Auditor General’s office to suspicious City Hall medical insurance of Sh1.73 billion to AAR Insurance Kenya Limited although when contract sum was based at Sh1.07 billion. Jayesh’s firm Bliss Healthcare entered into the deal with AAR Insurance Kenya and Nairobi city county. Bliss Healthcare Limited was subcontracted by AAR Insurance to offer services to Nairobi county staff.
Bliss was formerly Clinix that was involved in the Sh96 million National Hospital Insurance Fund scandal in 2012.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Ethics Anti- Corruption Commission have been investigating operations and directors of Bliss GVS Healthcare Ltd, Medicross Kenya Ltd, LifeCare Group Hospitals Ltd, Dinlas Pharma EPZ Ltd, Surge Energy Ltd, and Windsor Industrial Holdings Ltd. The said firms monopolize the health providence industry and are suspected to be owned by Jayesh just like Nairobi West Hospital.

Using another shell company Medical Administrators (K) Limited, which also has Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) chairman Abdirahin Haithar Abdi as a shareholder, they pushed Teachers Service Commission CEO Nancy Macharia’s to land a multi-billion tender to Medical Administrators (K) Limited to take care of over 318,000 teachers at a cost of Sh9 billion. The tender generated a lot of heat in the industry with Jayesh openly boasting how he gave Abdi minimal shares in the firm to play games.

At one time, word hat it, Macharia was compromised to a tune of Sh50 million by desperate faces to land the lucrative teacher’s insurance tender to share with those involved in the award.

At Gesto Pharmaceuticals Ltd, where Jayesh sits on the board, the firm supplied expired drugs to the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency that raised issues in parliament. At Nairobi West hospital, he has taken to court a number of insurance companies including NHIF demanding payments running into billions. One such case is where Nairobi West Hospital sued Minet for failure to settle Sh170 million medical bills of teachers and members of national police service treated at the facility.