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SGR fired Kenyans, replaced them with Chinese workers

Sammy Karuga Gachuhi – Deputy General Manager

Workers at the company that managers Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) told kenyanmetro.com that they have been on leave for the longest since the firm replaced them with Chinese nationals.

According to documents seen by kenyanmetro.com, Sammy Gachuhi, the Deputy General Manager at the Africa Star Railways Operations Company Limited (Afristar) okayed the changes trming them as a solution to the ‘union worker’s trouble.

In 2019, Sammy was under sharp focus for mistreating workers, together with his Chinese-filled management. Some unionized workers protested and were sacked.

Afristar used the excuse of Covid-19, stay at home order to put Kenyan workers on leave. All of them are waiting to be called back one year later.

Sammy Gachuhi has been that way, at the defunct Rift Valley Railways (RVR), accusations of mismanagement of funds and mistreatment of workers follows his name.

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“We’ve not gone back to work since March last year when the first Covid-19 case was registered in Kenya. There is no official communication from the management on work resumption”, said a worker who did not wish to be named.

The long stay at home has got some suffering and worried.

“Our families are suffering we are not able to pay rent, buy food and send our children to school. Please let me remain anonymous”, the SGR worker added.

Afristar staff have often complained about discrimination, nepotism and racism.

The staff who were placed on leave so as to decongest the work place in Covid-19 containment measures must be told if they have been sacked or not.

But it seems more likely they have since Sammy Gachuhi has replaced them with Chinese.