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Netizens Rank Nairobi West Hospital The Worst In Kenya

The Nairobi West Hospital entrance: The health facility has been receiving negative public feedback

Over recent weeks, numerous complaints against a previously well-received health facility within the outskirts of Nairobi have been endlessly popping up on social media like mushrooms in a garden.

In the latest wave of negative feedback, a section of Kenyans who recently visited the Nairobi West Hospital has accused the facility of a myriad of drawbacks, some of them including, extremely slow services, dishonesty from staff, and incompetency from nurses.

In one of the social media posts seen by kenyanmetro.com, one netizen named Dominic Wabwire narrated his regrettable ordeal at Nairobi West where he spent a whole day trying to secure admission for a patient who had been referred from Coptic Hospital.

“From 1 pm 5:30 waiting at Nairobi West for admission after we got a referral letter from Coptic hospital. Surely a patient can easily die before he or she is seen by the doc. Money first life after. Sickness is a big business today and that is the trend…” he wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

In another post by an agitated Kenyan, the staff at Nairobi West hospital are accused of being pathological liars, and proficient at patient neglect.

Ranking it as one of the worst hospitals in Kenya, the netizen revealed that the only way to access decent services at the health facility is through corruption “Kitu Kidogo” given to a notorious bribery racket within the administration.

“Nairobi West Hospital is a clear winner for the “WORST HOSPITALS” in Kenya. Damn liars: they lie always about their bed capacity; avoid them for inter-hospital transfers! And their services are terrible: patient neglect is their main strength! There’s an administration bribery racket that operates for the inter-hospital transfers. Without bribing you will end up shuttling the ambulance around facilities,” he shared with his followers on Saturday, 03 April 2020.

Apart from dishonesty, incompetent staff at the Nairobi West Hospital have also been accused of rude and negligent behaviour.

One such incident was reported by a Kenyan on Twitter who narrated how her sick sister who was freezing cold waited over 7 hours before she received a blanket.

Worse still, when she complained about it, the nurses went and yelled at the sick patient.

Nairobi West Hospital has in the recent past become accustomed to negative press coverage due to their never-ending scandalous incidents.

In one such controversial scenario covered on kenyanmetro.com and which went viral across Kenya in March this year, Caleb Sisko – a motivational speaker, events MC, and actor lost his father at the Nairobi West Hospital entrance after medics refused to attend to him.

According to Caleb Sisqo, medics at Nairobi West Hospital claimed his dad, who is a former police officer, had already passed on, despite him insisting to them that some signs [like the fact that his body was still warm] showed otherwise.