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KenGen‘s flawed recruitment process revealed

The industry leader in energy generation Kenya Electricity Generating Company – KenGen is accused of favoritism in its recruitment.

“The issue of lack of transparency and fairness in recruitment processes. Much as the company has done much in terms of growing its portfolio and putting us in the global map in so far as growth in clean energy is considered, the rot in its recruitment processes leaves a lot to be desired. There’s too much Tribalism and nepotism”, said a source who will remain unnamed.

Some staff have stagnated in positions for years without getting promotions.

They claim this is done in favor of outsiders and it is based on nepotism and tribalism. Some positions keeps getting re-advertised even for longer periods like 2 years.

According to sources, the most affected departments are corporate and regulatory.

Rebecca Miano, CEO KenGen

“A position that was advertised 2 years ago (Including a re-advertisement last year). People with requisite qualifications applying and they have been waiting for 2 years for the interviews to be conducted. This has not happened although all the other positions that were advertised the same time have been filled. Those that applied have been wondering what has been impeding the recruitment process only to learn that the management is planning to give out the position to somebody without following the laid down procedures”, a source wrote.

A similar thing happened some 2 years ago when the secretary to the MD was given a managerial position without any interviews being conducted.

The disgruntled staff now plan to share the corruption information with EACC, Ombudsman and labour unions.

Here are tweets from employees complaining over the same