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Could Dinlam Pharma be supplying Fake Vaccines

Jayesh Saini

Dinlas EPZ Limited the main distributor of the Russian Sputnik-V is associated with a known healthcare cartel Jayesh Saini.

Jayesh Saini, a known healthcare cartel is also the founder and Chairman of Bliss GVS Healthcare Limited which he founded after the collapse of Clinix that was involved in the Sh96 million National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) scandal in 2012 where the money which was meant for civil service and disciplined forces’ medical schemes was lost.

Jayesh Saini

Clinix was once sued by the state for fraud of NHIF funds to a tune of over 200 million. Clinix is part of Nairobi West Hospital and associates with the foreign investors trading under GVS/BLISS Health Services. Under Clinix/Nairobi West Hospital/GVS BLISS Clinics/medical administration Kenya ltd all have a common factor director and broker called Jayesh Saini.

Jayesh Saini once he was pushed out of business at NHIF went slow on Clinix and came up with GVSBLISS/ Clinics which has offices in Dubai and also has big role in Nigeria where the social insurance is dead.

Most recently, the Auditor General’s office linked Jayesh Saini to suspicious City Hall medical insurance of Sh1.73 billion to AAR Insurance Kenya Limited although a contract sum was based at Sh1.07 billion at the time. One of Jayesh’s many firms, Bliss Healthcare Limited, entered into the deal with AAR Insurance Kenya and Nairobi City County.

Jayesh saini with his known master class bluff and monetizing people’s fears, together with other merchants of Sputnik-V have pumped a lot of money to the less informed and easily persuaded population to buy. These cartels will be sold in Kenya at an exploitative price of Sh11,000.

A background check will show you that Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine will cost under $20(Ksh2,100) per person on international markets. So these vaccines smugglers have already cashed in and this shows you how sickening Kenyan Ministry of Health is.

Dinlas is the main importer of the vaccine and has reportedly appointed Harleys and Unisel as it’s main distributors locally. Officials of Dinlas have insisted that they went through the right channels to import the vaccine and had the right authorization.

Mr Nishant Mishra, a senior official at Dinlas Pharmaceuticals, the distributor, told a local newspaper that the vaccine has been imported with the full knowledge and clearance of the PPB. However, the authorities are saying otherwise.

“We obtained an Emergency Use Authorisation from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board on March 9 and we also have all other documents, licences and batch releases. The vaccine will be distributed through the health facilities’ networks. Freight in Time Ltd will help us do the distribution because they have the facilities to transport the vaccine at required temperatures,” said Mr Mishra on Wednesday.

The head of immunization at the Ministry of Health, Dr Collins Tabu, on Wednesday said he was not aware of the Sputnik V vaccine’s existence in the country, even as the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) said it had only approved its importation but not distribution.

Batches of the Sputnik having arrived in Kenya ahead of government’s authorization.

On Wednesday, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) announced it had granted Emergency Use Approval to a private pharmacy in Kenya for the Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V.  

According to the certificate of approval awarded by the PPB, the deal was given to Dinlas Pharma EPZ Limited. Dinlas Pharma EPZ was registered on January 26, 2018. But Jayesh Saini had, according to reports already smuggled in at least 75,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine had arrived at the port of Mombasa by Sunday

The drug control board in response to queries from the Nation denied any involvement in the distribution of the vaccine maintaining that its role in all these has only been to test and give approvals for the use but not distribution and pricing.

So why was Dinlas in a hurry to distribute the vaccine before the government approves it? Who is this in the government that is in contact with Jayesh Saini? Who allowed him to import the vaccine?

Company Infrastructure | Dinlas Pharma EPZ Ltd.

A search revealed that Dinlas Pharma EPZ Limited is owned by Medillon Trading FZE and Parkdale Investments Limited, which have 341,700 and 168, 300 shares respectively. Medillon Trading FZE and Parkdale Investments Limited are both registered in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 

Listed as a secretary of Dinlas Pharma EPZ is Ms Lenah Chelangat, while Mr Jayesh Umesh Saini is listed as a director of the company, but with no shares. Both are associated with Bliss GVS Healthcare Limited, a chain of hospitals that has benefited immensely from government medical schemes since its inception in 2012.

May 21, 2020 – Weekly Citizen
Known Healthcare cartel Jayesh Saini

Jayesh Saini is the founder and chairman of Bliss. At one time he was mentioned adversely in the Clinix Healthcare scandal, where some Sh96 million was said to have been lost through a dubious medical scheme for civil servants and members of the disciplined forces.

International criminal networks exploit existing at the Mombasa Port has been on the Interpol watch and bad press over illicit trades that slips through the Kenyan hawked-eyed authorities.

The 2021 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) also flagged the port saying the port is a transit country for a variety of illicit drugs.

Patches of Sputnik V vaccine that has been smuggled in the country by healthcare cartels.

Sputnik-V is supposed to be stored under strict temperatures of 2-3 degrees and a small imbalance would likely make the vaccine useless and at worst poisonous. How can Kenyans be sure that unregulated transportation, storage didn’t overlook the precautions?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet authorized emergency use of Sputnik V as a vaccine, even though it is already in use in multiple countries across the globe.

This begs the question why the Jayesh Saini smuggled in the country in a hurry to have the vaccine in the market before distribution approval was officially obtained

Freight In Time Ltd, company used by Jayesh Saini’s firm in transporting the virus.

With criminal groups producing, distributing and selling fake vaccines, the risks to the public are clear: these can include buying a product which not only does not protect against COVID-19, but poses a serious health hazard if ingested or injected. Such products are not tested, regulated or safety-checked.

Meanwhile in Kenya, the government has warned Kenyans not to take Russian vaccine yet saying they cannot vouch for its safety and still doing more tests  on its safety. Despite having given it a emergency use approval, the Ministry of Health now says the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine has not met all the necessary regulatory approvals for use in the country.

Kenya is using the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine which has been a victim of vaccine wars in the recent past with alleged cases of serious side effects and lower efficacy. The vaccine received a boost after Angela Dorothea Merkel, who has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005 said she would take the jab.

Poisons Board has launched a massive crackdown on pharmacies in the coastal region following reports that illicit pharmaceuticals are in circulation having been smuggled through the port. But this never yields anything.

Why is it that Asians and Chinese have always stolen state money but there’s no single prosecution of the same apart from planned police raids we see on the news?

There was a time Jayesh Saini had a case in court over fraud involving NHIF and his chain of substandard clinics yet the same State was doing business with him behind the back.

Jayesh Saini openly brags that he has the EACC/DCI KINOTI/interior ministry under control no amount of complains can achieve results that he single handedly influenced the fall in NHIF since they were playing had ball with his medical facilities.