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Woman Sentenced To 1 Day In Jail For Killing Abusive Husband –

Truphena Aswani, a 49-year-old woman has been sentenced to 1 day in jail for killing her abusive husband, James Oyengo Obochi.

In a ruling by judge Roselyne Aburili of Siaya High Court, Truphena immensely suffered at the hands of her abusive husband who had threatened to kill her on constant occasions hence encouraged women to flee from such marriages. 

Judge Aburili stated that Truphena would be remembered as a butchered, battered, dehumanized and violated woman who had no voice and who persevered through the domestic violence meted on her by her late husband.

The revelations in court indicated that the deceased husband had previously gone separate ways with his two other wives under the same circumstances of violence and abuse.

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The court was told of an incident where Truphena had at one time been admitted to hospital after she was violently beaten up and abused after a conflict.

On this day, Mr Obochi is said to have returned home drunk and demanded the title deed for land that his wife Truphena had inherited from her late father.

When he failed to get his way, he took a panga from the bedroom and attempted to hack Truphena to death.

Truphena however said she seized the moment and took away the panga from her husband, cut him severally and hid his body a few meters from the house and covered it in the grass.

She however later confessed on December 15, 2020.

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“Ni ukweli Nilimuua lakini si kupanga kumuua marehemu,” she told the court.

In her ruling, Judge Aburili said the accused deserved a non-custodial sentence to enable her to get counseling for the traumatic experience that she underwent prior to, during and after the unfortunate demise of her husband whom she loved and stuck with despite his HIV status, yet she was HIV negative.

The judge further called on the probation officer to help the accused get to a safer place other than her matrimonial home after her sentencing.

The deceased’s four children from the two marriages had been left under the care of the accused.

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